Sunday, January 4, 2015

Math Lesson - "Common Core Math 5th Grade Geometry Activities 5.G.3,4 with I Have Who Has Game"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 5                                                     

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Included in this resource are guided notes in which students fill in a table and other information as identifying types of two-dimensional figures are introduced or reviewed. A diagram showing the hierarchy of quadrilaterals leads into questions about squares, rhombuses and parallelograms. 

Also included is a group activity in which the students must classify quadrilaterals. Everything you need for this activity is included in the packet. There are quadrilaterals printed on three pages which the students will cut out and place in the proper categories. They must place a figure in as many categories as possible. For example, a square must be placed in "squares", "rectangles", "rhombuses", "parallelograms", and "quadrilaterals". 

A black and white version and a color version of a Venn diagram to represent the relationship of various polygons is included to be used as a teacher resource or student handout.

Also included is an "I Have - Who Has" game with 28 cards using geometry questions from common core standards 5.G. 1, 2, 3, 4. 

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