Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 concise and interesting science videos to begin and create discussion in your classroom – Part 1

5 videos P1 

To begin a class I want my kids thinking science and what better way than to show a quick science (connected to the content or students lives in general) video, usually 3-4 minutes long which leads to a class discussion. These videos create a minds-on mentality, generate discussion and allow me to take control of my class from the start because once the video begins, the students understand it's time to focus. I'm going to dedicate a series of posts to these videos. I'll like to the video and write a short description of how I use it. Please check back regularly.

Amazing Energy Facts to Blow Your Mind - ASAP Science


What's a GMO? Starting a unit on Molecular Genetics or just want to introduce the term? Want you kids to actually know what GMO means?

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