Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Language Arts - FRY Words KABOOM! Bundle (Words 1-400)

Looking for a fun way to engage your students in learning their sight words?  Try KABOOM!

KABOOM is a fun way for students to practice their sight words. Students take turns drawing a sight word card from the pile. If they can read the word they get to keep it. If they read it incorrectly they have to put it back. If a student draws a KABOOM card they have to put all their cards back. The student with the most cards when all the cards are gone wins!

This bundle includes:
FRY Words 1-100 KABOOM
FRY Words 101-200 KABOOM
FRY Words 201-300 KABOOM
FRY Words 301-400 KABOOM
Teacher directions
Student directions
Covers for folders for each game to make into stations
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