Friday, January 16, 2015

Language Arts Lesson- "Adjective Creatures: Interactive Word Study"

By Teacher Features
Grades 2-4

A sure-fire way to interest students in learning about adjectives! Demonstrate the importance of using adjectives when writing by sharing an Unclearly Described Paragraph and asking students to draw what you have read. Confused students will ask you for more details! Read the Descriptive Paragraph, giving students 3-4 minutes to draw (with crayons or markers) what you have described. Have your students hang all their drawings up on a wall and then reveal the actual Creature Picture.
The remaining activities offer various adjective activities for practice and lots of fun at the same time! (41 pages)

-8 Creature Pictures 
-8 Descriptive Paragraphs 
-8 Unclearly Described Paragraphs 
-8 “Describe This Monster” Sheets 
-1 Adjective Definition Anchor Chart 
-3 “Adjective Search Paragraph” Sheets 
-1 “Adjective List” Anchor Chart 
-1 “Create-A-Monster” Template 
-1 Monster Illustration Frame

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