Monday, December 15, 2014

Language Arts - "r-Controlled [Vowel] Bundle Packet"

by Amanda Trump
Grades 1-3

There are 6 syllable types, and r-controlled syllables is one of the six types. Spelling r-controlled words require visual memory and experience, but when learning to read r-controlled words, there are a few insights that can help students to become successful. This packet gives students those few insights or tips that help them to minimize all their assortment of ideas to manageable strategies in order to decode r-controlled words. 

The designed layout of this packet helps students to know that there are only 4 sounds to the 5 spellings of r-controlled words. Also, it teaches students that any time there is a vowel to the left of the letter -r, its sound changes. Its sound is neither short nor long. The vowel has a sound of its own because the r-sound controls the vowel. Therefore, the organization of the reading lists and games/activities make it easy for students to learn to read r-controlled syllable type words.

The following activities/games are included in the packet:

1. Climb a Tree 
2. Grow a Centipede
3. Football Frenzy
4. Dominoes
5. Uno 
6. Clear the Board 
7. Snail Shell
8. Wild Animal Race
9. Checkers
10. Circle Out

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