Friday, December 26, 2014

FREE MATH LESSON - “Freebie - Expanded Form Bingo - PPT Game”

by Powerpoint Gaming
1st - 3rd Grade

Celebrating 900+ Votes! Here is my third forever freebie for 2nd grade: Expanded Form Bingo Kit. 

I've created a powerpoint bingo to review expanded form. This kit includes 30 bingo cards, call sheet, and powerpoint game. It looks similar to my teacher vs student game, but you can choose which question to start with. Each question gives students the expanded form of a number and they must find it on their bingo card. There are 2 bingo cards per sheets. 30 unique bingo cards in all. I also included 2 blank sheets of bingo cards just in case. There is also a call sheet.

Questions/Materials include:
30 Unique bingo cards
Calls sheets
Bingo Powerpoint Game
30 questions (What is this number? 700+90+1)
Terms of use Page
Common Core aligned!

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