Sunday, December 28, 2014

FREE MISC. LESSON - “5 Senses Descriptive Writing Activity”

by Cinnamon’s Synonyms
2nd - 5th Grade

Want your students to be more descriptive?

This hands-on, interactive activity gets your students EXPLORING pumpkins!! Using their 5 senses, students describe the way pumpkins look, smell, taste, feel and sound (we listen to the seeds sizzling in the pan for this part!). To read more about how I use this resource in my class click HERE.

Note: You can use this resource at any time of the year... not just Fall. Inspire your students to use their 5 senses with ANYTHING! The templates included make it easy for you to change out the themes as you wish. Explore popcorn, Pop Rocks, snow or sand... the choice is yours!

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