Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Social Skills - "Social Skills Daily Journal"

By Jennifer Bradley
1st - 12th Grade and Special Education

This is one of my favorite daily journals to do with students!  It contains an ENTIRE YEAR worth of daily journals.  Each social skill in this packet contains 10 days of journal pages (2 weeks worth).  Each day the student will learn a word and definition associated with the topic, write about the topic, solve a problem dealing with the topic and have to do an activity involving the topic. 
Topics include Asking for Help, Manners, Following Directions, Conversations, Making Friends, Conflicts, Feelings, Greetings & Farewells, Taking Turns, Body Language, Eye Contact, School Behavior, Stressful Situations, Empathy, Sharing, Voices/Volume, Focus and Reviews.  This packet totals 200 pages of daily journals!

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