Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Language Arts - "Word Work"

Janetta Hayden
Grades 1-3

This is a great tool to use for any word list.  It can be used for spelling words, sight words, vocabulary words, parts of speech, and so much more.

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Included in the packet:

Graffiti Writing
Stair Step Writing
Fancy Nancy
Alphabetical Order
Make it Up
Rhyme Time
Vowel Prowl
Syllable Separation
Pyramid Writing
Letter Cards
Work Mat
Word Search
Lower and Upper
Pencil and Pen
Front and Back

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This is a photo of my second grade students making words with the Letter Cards and Word Work Mat.  I have my students highlight all of the vowels and then lay out the letters in alphabetical order. Then they use the Word Work Mat to make the words.

To purchase this versital Word Work product, please click HERE!

To read more about the ways I use this in my classroom, click HERE and visit my blog.

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