Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life in outer space - how humans meet their needs

Life in outer space - meeting how humans meet their needs. This lesson is a look at how humans are affected in outer space and what needs to be provided and done, to meet their basic needs - This lesson package includes the lesson (student and teacher versions of the Power Point), SIXTEEN videos, Predict, Observe, Explain activity as well as a word document which follows the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is fun and applicable with SIXTEEN videos embedded into the PowerPoint and many opportunities for inquiry-based learning and discussion. Most of the videos were created aboard the International Space Station and answer many questions such as how astronauts shower, eat and many more common questions.

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Included in the lesson package is:

  • The teacher version of the Power Point
  • The student version of the Power Point
  • SIXTEEN videos embedded into the Power Point
  • Student lesson handout 
In order, the lesson covers:

  • Human space history
  • The International Space Station
  • Obtaining O2 and removing CO2
  • Eating in space - Sleeping in space
  • Showering and using the bathroom in space
  • Experiments in space
  • Getting sick in space
  • The negative effects of microgravity
  • Long-term solutions to life in space 
Buyer Comments: 
"This looks amazing. Thank you for putting this extensive package together. " 

"Amazing and detailed. Great resource!" 

"Great lesson on everyday life in space. Should be very attention grabbing for students." 

Please click here to preview the lesson on TpT

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