Saturday, December 20, 2014

Math Lesson - "Factor in Some Holiday Cheer"

Crazy ideas in the middle of the night sometimes do work! Factoring practice is what my students needed, but how could I make it a little more exciting? That was my quandary, that has now been solved with this product, "Factoring Trinomials a>1 Christmas Themed." Students factor 26 quadratic expressions with a leading coefficient greater than one. Then to save me time grading, they use their answers to reveal a hidden greeting card message. Of course, when the students turn in their work they are essentially sending me a Christmas card. “Oh what thoughtful students I have!

Here's a sample from my class:
So if you happen to be still in school next week like my students and teaching factoring, My other classes will be solving systems and making me even more Christmas cards. This might be a record year for cards received!

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