Thursday, December 11, 2014

Language Arts - "Christmas Light Sight Word Necklaces"

By: Sam Van Gorp
K-2nd Grade

Christmas Light Sight Word Necklaces are a FESTIVE, FUN, and ENGAGING way to help students learn those tricky sight words! 

This product includes words from the Dolch Pre-Primer through 1st Grade Word Lists. There is also a page at the end with blank Christmas lights for you to have students write their own sight words if you would like.

Students absolutely LOVE these and are practicing fine motor skills and repeated sight word reading without even realizing it! 

Directions: Have students color the necklace anyway they would like. Cut them out. Punch a hole on top, add yarn, and voila! They now have a Christmas Light sight word necklace! 

Tip: Every time a student asks you a question throughout the day, ask them to read the words on their necklace first! 

Have fun with these!

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