Friday, December 19, 2014

Language Arts and Social Studies - "Famous Americans Bundle: Reading Comprehension, Compare and Contrast and Posters"

By Christina L
Grades 2-5

This activity includes the following famous Americans:
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Jackie Robinson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Helen Keller
Susan B. Anthony

Use these activities during President’s Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month or any time of the year when teaching “compare and contrast.”

  • 6 Reading/Facts Sheets (1 for each “Famous American”)
  • 6 Reading Comprehension sheets
  • 7 posters for a bulletin board (these are full sheet size)
  • 1 Worksheet “Famous Quotes” (match the famous American with his/her quote)
  • 3 “Similarities and Differences” graphic organizer (1 for each pair)
  • 3 “Venn Diagrams” (1 for each pair)
  • 3 “Compare and Contrast” practice worksheet with key words and phrases
  • 1 lined paper for writing “Compare and Contrast” essay
Suggested Use:
  • Have students read facts about these six famous Americans and answer comprehension questions and “Famous Quotes” worksheet.
  • Using one or both graphic organizers, have students jot down similarities and differences between a.) George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, b.) Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, Jr. and c.) Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony
  • Students will practice writing sentences using key words and phrases.
  • Students will then write a compare and contrast essay.

This BUNDLE includes the following two products:
Famous Americans: Reading Activities and Posters
Famous Americans: Compare and Contrast

Thank you!
Christina L

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