Thursday, December 11, 2014

Language Arts Lesson - "Rhyming Unit"

Created by: Elementary Creations
Kindergarten, 1st grade
Rhyming is a hard concept for students to grasp especially when you have ELL students.  This is a great introductory unit that will help you when teaching rhyming words to your class. I have included a week's work of activities that will help you get started. 
Included are:
*Words that will help you when prompting what a rhyming word is. These words you will need to laminate them and can be used as your anchor chart to hang in your room.
*Rhyming words and pictures that can be also used on the anchor chart to show examples of what a rhyming word is.

*Words that are not rhyming words along with pictures. these words can be used for the following day to show examples of words that don't rhyme.

*Pictures with words- These can be used to play several games like QQT, memory, placed at the literacy center or used in a small group for your struggling students.

Printable handouts- these can be placed in a center, morning work or sent for homework to help your students review (answer key provided)

This unit if stretched out can be a week's or two worth of lesson on rhyming.

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