Friday, February 20, 2015

Animal Adaptations - A Nonfiction Science Resource Pack

This mega pack focuses on Animal Adaptations through the use of high interest informational articles in kid-friendly language. The main skills and concepts of this unit focus on: 
Animal Adaptations 
Physical Adaptations 
Behavioral Adaptations 
Learned Behaviors 
Endangered and Extinction With Case Studies on Camels, Giraffes, and Dolphins

Engaging Student Activities Included:
All About Organizers for each case study animal: camels, giraffes, and dolphins
.Constructive Response Questions follow after each interest article on main concepts
Who Migrates the Farthest? Bar graph for students to read the information and build.
Instincts vs. Learned Behavior Activity
Concept and Vocabulary Flap books for students to use in their science notebooks
Hibernate or Migrate Activity or Card Game
What I Want to Learn focus on Learned Behaviors
End of Unit Project: My New Animal!
Unit Reflection

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