Monday, February 23, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Central Message Puzzle Pieces"

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I just recently completed another resource for you:  Central Message Puzzle Pieces.  I blogged HERE about how I used the prototype in my classroom to teach Central Message (which is part of RL.2 for grades 1-3).  This new resource has glittery puzzle pieces that contain the title of a folktale or fable, the central message and the evidence to prove the central message.  You can use the pieces to have the students match the corresponding pieces.  You can also leave out the evidence piece, and have students write their own evidence for the story.  Or conversely, you can leave out the central message and have the students infer from the evidence what the central message can be.  There are so many uses for these cards in small groups, centers or whole group.  Also as part of the resource, there is included a graphic organizer for central message and personal connection writing.  If you are not inclined to print them in color, I've also included each card in black and white.  But once they are printed, laminate them and use them year after year.  Click on the image below to see a full product preview:

Also, I am providing a SAMPLER of the resource HERE.

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