Friday, February 20, 2015

English Language Arts Grammar and Writing Activities - "Banish Those Dialogue Demons"

by: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Banish Those Dialogue Demons
This concept was born out of frustration after I read yet another student-written short story that showed very little understanding of proper dialogue format. I used this lesson in all secondary English classes and creative writing classes with much success. 

The student duos really enjoy creating conversations and conflicts after each person chooses a character and one setting per group (example: a logger, and an astronaut meet in a cafe in Marrakesh). They don't even complain during the proofreading and revision stages. Character (30) and Setting (15) cards are included.

This 13-page product is aligned with Common Core Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

See page images, the How to Teach details in my blog:

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