Thursday, February 19, 2015

English Language Arts Lessons – “Dystopian Novel Teaching Ideas”

By:  Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Good can come from dystopian cultures, well, from the study of dystopian novels, anyway. This 10-page product for Middle and High School ELA teachers, Dystopian Novels Generate a Teacher Utopia offers 16+ lessons for the study of dystopian books.

After detailing 3 Novel Preview Lesson Ideas, this packet includes 12 lessons that will develop the topic, "Novel Study Lesson Ideas: Exploring the Elements of Literature."  For the lesson on Setting, I even developed a handout with two activities for Issues, Issues, These are the Issues.

This packet includes enough Common Core and Bloom’s Taxonomy aligned activities to fill more than a month of lessons. For a preview to check out the quality of this lesson idea packet before you download the complete 10-page product, read the detailed  post that reveals sample lessons on

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