Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What is a Hero? A Special Discovery Lesson

Some might say that a hero is someone who does amazing feats like winning an Olympic gold medal or the Noble Peace Prize. Others say that being a hero is someone who performs a brave act like a firefighter who goes into a burning building to save a child. Everyone has different ideas and opinions about what a hero is. This is a lesson that students will never forget!

In this product, donated to heroes everywhere, students will learn about 3 heroes: Clara Barton, Jackie Robinson, and Helen Keller. Then they will dig deeper to figure out what makes a hero a hero. Lastly, after coming up their own definition about heroes, students will determine who is their hero and write that special person a thank you card or letter. The templates are provided. 

Heroes are everywhere, everyone has someone who has positively influenced, let's honor them! Click below for this amazing freebie!

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