Friday, February 20, 2015

Language Arts (and Social Studies!) Lesson: Political Cartoon Project

Political Cartoon Project
Created by: Danielle Hall 
grades 7-10

Engage your students' creativity with this Political Cartoon Project! This can be used for any area of history or in a variety of novel studies. 

This project was originally used in an 8th grade ELA classroom with Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels. The first version asks students to create a political cartoon sympathizing with either the Union or the Confederacy and then analyze their cartoon. 

This project is easily adaptable to fit other novels or time periods and can be used in a Social Studies classroom, too. The second version is written to apply to any novel or Social Studies subject. You can expand writing requirements for older or more advanced students. 

This includes the rubric, which can be reweighted to fit your needs.

This product is also part of the The Killer Angels – Resource Bundle.


-Danielle @ nouvelle
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