Sunday, February 22, 2015

Language Arts- "The MEGA-BUNDLE Guide to Spelling and Word Study: Games, Guides and Activities"

By Teacher Features
Grades 1-3

A HUGE, HUGE value containing 5 best-sellers for grades K-3!!
(Save and get all for less. All items available individually, too)

* “BED” Letter Reversal Poster
This handy visual reminder is a fantastic reference! 
Help students remember which direction "letter b" and "letter d" go.
Simple, but effective. (1 page)

* "Open the Door to Decoding and Fluency" is not only a cute way to teach Open and Closed Syllables, but it is also a very effective way to make this concept "stick". This guide shows you how to demonstrate open and closed syllable vowel changes while giving your students a hands-on way to practice. **Great ALL year, but also perfect for Valentine's Day!**
Included (24 pages): *(10) Houses *(1) blank House for practicing with additional words.
*The House Game: A memory/matching syllable game *Recording Sheet forms.
*Closed Syllable Chunking Activity Sheet

* Looking for a simple way to help your students understand when to use a particular spelling and when not to? "The Best Little Guide to Persnickety Vowel Pairs... and other spelling generalizations" is a sure-fire reference that will help you out in a jiffy. Created in a colorful, streamlined design this learning tool will be your go-to!
Concepts: oi/oy, au/aw, oa/ow, ai/ay, oo/oo, ee/ea, ou/ow, ck/tch/dge, -ed (3 sounds)
Included (25 pages): (9) Posters (9) 4x8” reference guides (9) Word Lists

* The Best Little Guide to Spelling Rules is a packet that contains helpful spelling tips, posters and student guides.
Includes 8 posters and 8 student cards. 8 Spelling Rules included: FSZL, -CK, Magic E, -DGE, -TCH, the 3 sounds of -ED, 
Soft C and Soft G, Y as a Vowel. (9 pages)

* "Open the Door to Decoding and Fluency (Part 2): Teaching Syllable Division
If you are wondering how to teach syllable division in an easy, fun way that your students an understand, 
then this guide is for you. Focus: (Silent E, Vowel Pair, R-controlled and C-le)
**This is the follow-up to the first "Open the Door: Teaching Syllable Types". 
Included (31 pages):
- (4) Anchor Charts with "real" and "nonsense" words for practice of syllable types 
- (6) Mini-posters for syllable division rules
- (6) Anchor charts for syllable division
- (6) Practice pages for each syllable division rule
- "Rabbit Robber" Syllable Game (66 cards)

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