Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Language Arts- Snow, Snow, Go Away! A Persuasive and How-to Writing Mini-Unit

Sick of all the snow? Is it time for it to go?

Then this unit is for you and your class. Immerse your students in some “Go away snow!” fun through persuasive writing, how-to writing, and craftivities.  Click the picture below to see it in my TpT Store.

Students will:
*Persuade the snow to go away
*Persuade the director of snow removal for your town, city, etc… to remove all the snow using their machine/snow removal device that they have invented.
*Persuade the director of snow removal where the best place for the snow to go is
*Persuade… (their choice)

*Describe how to make snow go away
*Describe how to create a snow removal machine/device
*Describe how to remove snow using their invented machine/device
*Describe how to… (their choice)

Craftivity Ideas:
*Design a snow removal machine/device
*Design/Invent a place for removed snow to go


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