Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Math Lessons - "Money"

By: Krystin McGahan
Grades: K-2

Money Money Money Money...MONEY! Games, Centers & Activities for Teaching Money
This interactive money unit consists of 13 games, centers, activities and student printables that will go great with your unit on counting money! The teachers in your school will be green with envy as your students become money counting maniacs! Check it out...it makes cents!
What's Inside:

Personal Wallet Printable: 

_________'s wallet decal just needs to be printed and filled out for your students to glue onto an envelope or bag for storing their personal play money for your money unit! 

Coin Posters:

4 colorful piggy themed posters with a poem for each coin helping students remember the differences between the coins. 

It Makes Sense: 

Student graphic organizer for brainstorming ideas about why learning how to count money is important in the real world. This is a great way to introduce a unit on money.

Heads Or Tails: 

A fun coin flipping game to help students identify and learn what each coin looks like. Students use the snake shaped game board to race to the head or the tale as they flip their coin and see who gets their first!

Concentrate On Coins: 

Coin Concentration/Memory is a fun matching game to practice counting mixed change. It is complete with colorful game cards.

I Have Who Has:

A whole class wrap around game where students have to listen and match the coin values on their wallet game card as they are announced by a classmate until the whole class has played their card.

100’s Chart Trick:

A great visual teaching tool to introduce coin values. This perfect for differentiating and comes with a money themed student Hundreds Chart.

Piggy Bank Prove It:

A student piggy bank book where students have to cut out coins and glue them onto each piggy bank to show the amount of change written on each bank.

Race to $1:

A Fun game where players choose coins from the bank to see who gets to 100 cents or $1.00 first! Student game cards included. 

Show Me The Money:

A black and white student booklet where they can color, decorate and fill in the correct information about each coin to show what they have learned.

Loose Change: 

A game where students grab coins at random from loose change and graph the results. Student graphs and graph results questions page included. 


A Game for practicing trading in pennies for nickels. Game piggy bank included!

Colored coin play money set for game use


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