Sunday, February 22, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "My Father's Dragon Thematic Unit"

Your students will love becoming explorers themselves as they get caught up the adventures of Elmer Elevator! The Newbery Award winning book My Father’s Dragon is the first in a fantasy trilogy by Ruth Stiles Gannett. It is a charming story about a clever hero Elmer Elevator. This delightful book is sure to engage your students and it’s now a part of the public domain and you can get it for free to use with your students!
my father's dragon writing project
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Graphic Organizers: Multiple graphic organizers for recording setting, problem/solution and tracking knapsack contents.

Chapter Comprehension Questions: Questions from each chapter requiring a complete sentence answer. Printable packets can be used for individual work or for group discussions.

Vocabulary Cards with Definitions: Printable vocabulary cards for center games or individual/partner study. (multiple formats)

Pocket Chart Vocabulary Card: Larger print cards for pocket chart classroom display.

Vocabulary Quizzes with and without word bank: Fill in the blank vocabulary quizzes for student assessment.

Synonym/Antonym Activities: Fun secret message decoder activities using story vocabulary.

Creative Writing Planning Organizer: 8 page story planning guide to help students create an outline for writing their own island adventure story.

Creative Writing Paper: Lined paper for creative story writing using images from the story.

Island Art Activity: Parent letter and directions for making student islands integrating landform study with art and literature.

Quote Bookmarks: Printable bookmarks with different quotes from the story that can be used for a pre-reading activity. Provide each student a bookmark have each student share their quote aloud with the class before reading. Have students be on the lookout for when their quote appears. (set of 20)

Writing Rubric: Basic rubric that can be used to assess the creative writing project

Math Prompts: Word problems created using the character and items from the story

Wild Island Graphing Activity: Math graphing practice using the characters from the book.

Landform Definition Cards: Integrate science with these landform definition cards that can be used for centers or individual/partner study. (multiple formats)

Landform Drawing Activity: Printable for students to draw examples of the landforms.

Landform Definition Quiz: Assessment of landform vocabulary

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