Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Writing a Factual Recount {Interactive Activity Pack Designed for ESL Students}

Here is a peek into this interactive writing pack on writing factual recounts!

Also available on Teacher Approved's current February membership!

The activities included are:

Common & Proper Nouns (interactive activities)
Verb Wheels (Past & infinitive Verbs)
Factual Recount Text (Justin Bieber)
Factual Recount Text (Children’s Day)
Dissecting Factual Recounts (Who, What, When, Where & Why interactive activities)
Dissecting Factual Recounts (Time Periods & the definition of a factual recount)
Dissecting Factual Recounts (Chronological Order & step ladder interactive activity).
Dissecting Factual Recounts (Writing conclusions interactive activity)
Your Turn to Write (Facts about Bill Gates guided writing + optional interactive notebook flaps.)

I hope your class benefits from thhese activities as much as mine did! :)
Click HERE to take you to the pack.

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