Wednesday, February 11, 2015

English Language Arts Lessons – "FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic: Letter L"

By: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Today, February 11th is L day on the English Language Arts Lessons – FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic list. The L in this post stands for

Literature Task Cards

This product offers teachers a set of Elements of Literature Task Cards when they want their students to reinforce, review and develop their understanding of a text, or any time that their students need to work on expanding their comprehension/higher thinking skills and /or writing aptitudes. 
These cards are beneficial for individual, small group or whole class study and discussion, for in-class writing and for homework.

Journalism Whole Course Year Overview and Lesson Ideas

This 14 page posting offers a chronological order of lessons, by quarter, to teach beginning journalism students the basic concepts of journalistic writing such as What is News?, the various structures and genres of journalistic writing,interviewing, learning layout and design and studying media ethics. It offers lessons and activities that reinforces these concepts and prepares students to write and publish a quality high school newspaper.

Literature Super Bowl - Score With the Literature Super Bowl
This FREEBIE literature review product, Score With the Literature Super Bowl, ties together all of the elements of literature and how they form the structure of any literary text, while preparing students for the assessment. It energizes students to review the novel or narrative nonfiction book that they have been studying prior to an assessment or anytime comprehension reinforcement is needed. This activity not only checks students’ understanding of facts, ideas and details, but it also assesses their analytic and interpretive comprehension, ergo, it develops their higher level thinking skills. A football-themed literature review activity motivates students any time of the year.

This lessons and activities trio will Lure your students to Learn  during February's Lethargic days.

     Stay warm, stay stress-free and stay lesson-planned.

Happy Teaching,


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