Friday, February 13, 2015

English Language Arts Lessons – "FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic: Letter I"

By: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Today, February 13th is I day on the English Language Arts Lessons – FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic list. 
The I in this post stands for

It’s Time for Cause and Consequence Activity
In this activity, "It's Time for Cause and Consequence," students explore the permanent connection between Character-Conflict-Resolution. By the time that they have completed the required work,they will be more aware of how every action leads to a reaction, and how both impact the Resolution.

With this language arts lesson, students will 
A. demonstrate their understanding of the elements of literature by choosing specific details to complete the activity. 
B. develop their writing skills by showing instead of telling, by creating word pictures, by using concrete, specific nouns and adjectives and by choosing vivid verbs that show both action and the emotion of the person doing the action, and will
C. make connections between cause and effect by revealing characters’ choices and their consequences on themselves and others.
Into the Wild Unit Plan

This 33-page packet includes detailed teaching plans (with numerous urls to enhance your lessons) and 14 handouts. All of the handouts and teaching ideas are aligned with the Common Core Standards. I also include a sample daily lesson guide, more essay topics and a good deal of expository and creative writing activities (ten short answer questions, ten essay topics and six projects) that will hook students' interest, engage their thinking and increase their writing skills. 

Into the Wild PowerPoint

This presentation includes summaries and notes on the people, places and inspirations in Chris McCandless's life, and illustrates his philosophies, exploits and the issues that lead to his abandonment of his family. It compliments my Into the Wild Unit Plan.

This I trio of lessons and activities will Inflame students desire to read, write and think during February's Intransigence.

Stay warm, stay stress-free and stay lesson-planned.

Happy Teaching,


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