Monday, February 9, 2015

FREE SCIENCE LESSON- "Finding Displaced Volume"

by Science Girl Lessons
4th - 8th Grade

Have some EXTRA PRACTICE on me! Take the stress out of teaching displaced volume by giving your students the extra practice they need. This is also great way to help struggling students.

These displaced volume exercises will give your students the practice they need to master this difficult skill. I always pair this assessment with real, hands-on practice in the classroom. I’ve also used it to introduce this topic with the assessment first so the students know how the process works before giving them the hands-on practice.There are 4 questions per page. You can use it as an exit ticket, homework, class practice, final assessment or in any other way you see fit. Enjoy!

Included in this package:
✎ 1 Assessment Page (with graduated cylinders all in increments of 10)
✎ 1 Answer Key

Have fun with this!

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