Thursday, February 5, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Fiction Football Game: Literary Terms"

Create by Dianne Mason
Grades 9-12

Insure that your students achieve a thorough understanding of the elements of fiction, from conflict to character and symbol to setting, with this fun-filled game. Your students will absolutely love playing this exciting game based on the rules of football.

The package includes the following:

Teacher’s instructions
Directions for play
Game board
Playing pieces
42 5-yard questions
45 10-yard questions
12 20-yard questions
9 Touchdown questions
Definitions of literary terms
Editable game board
Extra blank editable question cards

Players are “passed” questions. Yardage is gained based on the difficulty of the question and whether the “receiver” answers correctly. The question cards are divided into 4 categories with varying degrees of difficulty.

You can set the time limit. I normally use one 50-minute class period.

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Thanks!  Dianne

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