Monday, February 2, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "L Blends Rub-a-Dub activity"

Created By:
Elementary Creations
Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade
This packet is a great resource that includes cooperative learning games along with printable handouts that will handy when teaching "L" blends to your class. The “L” blends included are: “bl, cl, gl, fl, pl, and sl.”
All games can be introduced as a group and then placed in the literacy center at the end of the week. I have provided instructions for each game. Although, cards can be used in many different ways.
Games include:
Matching and sorting- this game is the “rub-a-dub” game. It has 72 bubble pictures. One set with the words and the other without. It also included all 6 “L” blends in the bathtub. You can use this game as a match and sort. Students will need to look at the picture and place it in the correct bathtub blend. I have also added a blend mat sheet.  
Puzzle building game- 18 pictures with missing words. Students will need to find the right blend and ending sound to make the word. Record sheet provided.

QQT/Memory game- 20 pictures along with 6 blend sound cards that can be used for a memory game. Students will need to match the picture with the correct card. Or you may use the picture cards for a QQT game, in which the student will need to say the word and provide which blend it begins with. You may use the blend cards for QQT game, in which the student will now need to provided a word that begins with that blend.

This packet also includes 6 printable handouts that can be used for homework, classwork or a center to review the “L” blends. Each handout also includes an answer key.

If you need more “L” blends items check out my ”L” Blend poster pack!! 
Or you may like both, then get my “L” blend bundle pack.

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