Saturday, February 14, 2015

Language Arts & Math Lessons: 100th Day of School Activities

By: Krystin McGahan
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100th Day of School Activities: 
Hooray For The 100th Day Of School:
Hooray for 100th day of school! Celebrate the 100th day of school with these engaging 100th day activities, games and printables (NEW ACTIVITIES JUST ADDED)!!!! These 17 100th day of school activities incorporate phonics, writing and math skills that are great for grades K-2. Make the100th day of school and the days surrounding it educational and memorable for your kiddos with this super fun 100th Day of School Activities Unit!
What's Inside:

100 Days Smarter Student Necktie Template:

Adorable student necktie template for your students to color, cut out and wear on the 100th Day of School!

100 Things Estimation: 

Student Page

When I Am 100 Class Book: 

printable student page
colorful book cover 

What 100 Means to Me:

5 page student booklet template 

Hundreds Day Souffl√©: 

step by step directions 
letter home 
original poem bag topper 

100 paper Clips Measuring Activity: 

student recording page 

7 Activities You Can Do With A Hundreds Chart: 

Counting Cards for counting to 100
Number Puzzles 
Hidden Number
20 Questions
Race to 100
Number Detectives (with number riddle cards and blank cards for DIY)
Special Numbers (with printable page)
Reproducible mini hundreds charts
Reproducible large hundreds chart

100th Day Journal Prompt Cards:

8 journal prompt cards themed to the 100th day of school
5 themed student stationary pages (with primary writing lines) for writing. 
1 additional writing lines page for students who need more room 

Bankrupt: A math game where students race to see who can get $100 first. 

printable play money
Bankrupt bills
student game cards. 

Making Words with “One Hundred”: 

student Making Words reproducible and letter cards. 

100th Day Make Your Own Bookmark Templates

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