Saturday, February 14, 2015

Language Arts- "Segmenting Phonemes and Learning Sound Rules: Karate Style"

By Teacher Features
Grades 1 & 2

This pack is perfect for first and second graders who are learning 
letter sounds for the first time or learners who struggle with spelling. 

(73 pages)

Sound focus:
ee, ea, ay, ai, sh, ch th wh –ck –dge –tch
qu ar, er, or, oy, oi, ow, ou, oa, ow, aw, au
oo (both sounds), igh, y

1 Anchor Chart for each sound or combination of sounds
Karate Sound Chop sheets for each sound focus
8 Segmenting Practice cards for EACH sound focus (240 total)

Segmenting words into individual sounds(phonemes) is critical for successful decoding and reading!

When phonics is interactive and multisensory(Orton-Gillingham style), 
the concepts are more likely to “stick” with a student. Students with weak phonological awareness ability often experience difficulty sequencing sounds accurately.

What is segmenting phonemes, anyway? 
The Teacher asks, “How many sounds are there in the word chip?” 
Students says, “/ch/ /i/ /p/....3 sounds!” 
Even though there are 4 letters, only 3 sounds are heard.

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