Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Math - Two-Digit Addition Task Cards

Math - Two-Digit Addition Task Cards

Jan'etta Hayden
Grades 2-5

Two-Digit Addition Task Cards
Two Sets
*One set without regrouping
*One set with regrouping
Ways these cards may be used:
Math Center- This can be a stand-alone center for three-digit addition reinforcement
Partner Work- Students can work together to solve the equations
Scoot- Put one card on each student's desk.  Students use the answer sheet to record their answer. After all students have answered their question, the teacher says, "Scoot".  Students then move to the next desk to solve the next equation.
Task Cards- Students may uses these cards as an extra practice activity

There are two complete sets for differentiation.  One set doesn't have regrouping.  One set does have regrouping.  This is actually two complete math centers in one.

Click HERE to download this versatile math set.

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