Sunday, February 8, 2015

Science Lesson - "Task Cards for Measuring Liquid Volume (Increasing by 20s)"

by Science Girl Lessons
3rd - 9th Grade

I really LOVE this resource! This is such a BIG help for teaching students such a useful science skill. Who doesn't need EXTRA PRACTICE?


These task cards will help students understand how to measure the volume of a liquid using a graduated cylinder. This set includes 12 red task cards. All graduated cylinders pictures contain water that has a meniscus. An answer key is included. I have also included some reference pages that you can have your students use and reference in their notebooks with the task cards.

Included in this package:
✔ A RED Set of 12 Task Cards - Increase by 20s
✔ An Answer Key 
✔ Teacher Instructions & Ideas for Using the Task Cards
✔ 2 Different Types of Student Recording Pages
✔ Student Handouts “How to Read a Graduated Cylinder” (in full page & for notebooks)
✔ Terms of Use & Cover Page

Have fun with this!

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