Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wild Cats & Habitats - A Complete Nonfiction Resource for Grades 3-5

For millions of years long before humans, wild cats roamed the earth. Many civilizations envied these powerful and fierce creatures and even today they are still hunted for their beautiful coats. Cats are graceful animals that can jump, leap, and pounce to catch their prey. People have always loved cats because of their unique personalities, ferocious nature, and independence. Take a peek and see just how fascinating these Wild Cats really are!
 This is essentially TWO units in one! One basic unit about habitats with informational articles, quick check questions, full-color realistic posters, and activity and project ideas with directions.
There are 8 Habitats included in this unit:
•Mountain Regions    
•Polar Regions
•Grasslands (savannas)
The second unit is about Wild Cats, also called Big Cats in the Wild. Many of which are endangered. To study and learn about these fascinating cats there are informational articles, many student activities, vocabulary posters, Did you Know? Posters, realistic posters about each big cat, and Trading Cat Card Project Templates, and other project ideas and directions. The following wild cats are included in this product:
•Snow Leopards


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