Sunday, February 8, 2015

English Language Arts Lessons – "FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic: Letter R"

By: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Today, February 8th is R day on the English Language Arts Lessons – FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic list. The R in this post stands for

Reel In Readers With Magnetizing Hooks
Students must learn to reel in readers with alluring hooks that grab the people's interest. In this
FREEBIE activity, teachers prepare mini-lessons on writing hooks. 

My post: details ideas for how,when and why teachers should offer mini-lessons on writing interest-catching hooks. Types of Hooks and Choosing the Right Words, both with examples, are two more of the topics that are addressed.

This essential activity lures students into wanting to write and keeps them writing. Isn't it time for a Write Now Moment in your classroom?

Research Project – Theme Based
This project reflects my top three goals for my students: 
1. To teach them to think
2. To teach them to express themselves verbally and in writing, and 3. To prepare them for the world outside of high school.

It incorporates reading and viewing comprehension and analytic writing. Students choose a theme from twelve universal motifs that I give them. Next, they spend three months reading books and taking notes on them. After that, they make connections between their reading and various other sources, from current events to poetry, short stories, movies, lyrics, museums, etc. 

Also, it is an excellent vehicle to help them to understand the connections between school studies and life outside of high school. 

This R lesson and activities duet will Revive your students motivation dulled by February's Repetitive grayness.

     Stay warm, stay stress-free and stay lesson-planned.

Happy Teaching,




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