Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kindness Counts - A Classroom Building Activity for All Grades

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Anytime during the year is the perfect time for students to practice expressing their appreciation and gratitude for their fellow classmates and friends. I have had great success with this activity at a variety of grade levels from second grade to sixth grade. This class team building activity helps students appreciate each other more, gives them practice expressing themselves in writing, and it  boosts class morale.
             Have each student pick a piece of the lined paper included in this product. I have included a variety of different themes and designs as well as a blank one for your own ideas. Have students write their name (in rainbow colors for younger students) at the top of the page and decorate the page. Next, have a class discussion about the best ways of expressing your appreciation of people and classmates. Brainstorm with the class and give examples of appropriate compliments they can use when writing on their peers’ pages. See sample pages included. You can display the sample pages on the front board or around the classroom to help students with their statements. Each student places their page on top of their desk and rotates to the next desk in the row. Their task is to write one thoughtful statement, or compliment about that person in their best handwriting. Depending on the grade level, I have put out different colored thin markers or pens for students to use to add some color to their writing.Have students rotate until they have written on each students page in the class. If you have a large class, each student might need two pages of paper. Last, have the students return to their desks and read all the thoughtful statements and compliments written about them.

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