Monday, February 2, 2015

Language Arts - "Jaguars a Nonfiction Resource Pack"

Jaguars are Cool Cats! 
Using my Five Step Method below makes learning meaningful and fun for students.
Part 1: Hook’em with “Fast Facts True or False” Anticipatory Guide. Students predict at the beginning of the unit the answers to guided questions and then check-n-correct their answers after learning the information and/or end of the unit.
Part 2: Read-n-Visualize with high interest informational Articles and mini-book with real life photographs written in kid friendly language. Included is a one page black and white master of the articles to use as a unit overview, study guides, or even as notes for their binders or notebooks.
Part 3: Focus on Skills: to reinforce and enhance student learning with a variety of skill-based activities such as:
Fact vs. Opinion  

Adding Supporting Details  

Part 4: Realistic Posters with real life photographs to use on the document camera or great for bulletin boards to introduce this topic. You can either preserve these for another year or bind them together as a book for the classroom library.

Part 5: Show What you Know! Student quick check questions, writing prompts, activities, and reflection to evaluate learning. Reflections are perfect for student portfolios and Parent Teacher Conferences.

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