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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "African American History Webquests and Lesson Plans Collection"

Grades: 6-12

Total Pages
Answer Key
Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration
3 Weeks

The African American History Collection includes over 20 engaging lesson plans. These lesson plans will add depth and student engagement to any historical topics they are combined with.

The African American History Webquests and Lesson Plans Collection includes all of the following individual lessons:

African American History Webquests
Triangle Trade and Slave Trade Webquest
Civil War Webquest: New York City Draft Riots
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Webquest
African Americans and West: Buffalo Soldiers Webquest
The Duluth Lynching Webquest/Lesson Plan
Tulsa Race Riot Webquest
Civil Rights Milestones Webquest

African American History Video Webquests
Civil War: Emancipation Proclamation in Four Minutes Video Webquest
Civil War: African Americans in Four Minutes Video Webquest
Slavery by Another Name Video Worksheet/Video Webquest
Omaha Race Riot of 1919 and the Lynching of Will Brown Video Webquest
African Americans: Lena Smith and Housing Segregation Laws Video Webquest

African American History Worksheets
African Slave Trade Primary Source Worksheet: The African Connection, ca 1788
African Slave Trade Primary Source Worksheet: Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829
Fredrick Douglas Primary Source Worksheet: Escape From Slavery
Slavery Primary Source Worksheet: A Slave's Life
Slavery Primary Source Worksheet: Slave Auction 1850
Reconstruction Worksheet: Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master
Civil Rights: Jackie Robinson Baseball and Racism Primary Source Worksheet
Martin Luther King and Birmingham 1963 Worksheet

African American History PowerPoints
Fort Mose First Free African American Settlement in the USA
The New Orleans Slave Revolt Of 1811
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. PowerPoint

African American History Writing and Activities
Civil Rights Research Paper
Civil Rights Scrapbook Lesson Plan

This entire collection (except the powerpoints) is included in the following collections:
History Wizard’s Entire American and World History/Geography (Webquest/Worksheet/Mapping) Set
History Wizard’s Entire American History and Geography Webquest/Worksheet/Mapping Collection

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