Sunday, February 1, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - “Point of View Comparisons Powerpoint”

Are you having trouble locating resources for RL3.9 (Point of View)??  For this standard, I really could NOT find any suitable materials to teach this new standard in third grade.  Most teachers quickly think that point of view means identify first or third person speaker.  Not the case!  Now, the standard has the students identify the points of view of different characters or the author AND identify their OWN point of view.

With that in mind I developed a PowerPoint that essentially does that.  Using well known fairy tales, I had 2 characters from each fairy tale explain their points of view.  Then I had the students identify their own point of view.

The Powerpoint includes several slides with examples on how to understand what point of view is based on a character's attitude, beliefs, experiences and values:
  • Attitude is the way you feel or think about something or someone. It affects the way you behave and the way others see you. Sometimes these can be seen as character traits.
  • Beliefs are the things that you believe to be true or good or right. They can be ideas, a person or a behavior.  Beliefs can change. You can add new ones or discard old ones.
  • Experiences are the things you see and do in your life. It is also the things that happen to you in your life. Narrow your focus to the topic when selecting experiences.
  • Values are the people, things or behaviors you hold important in your life. These are the things you will fight for! Values can change. You can add new ones or discard old ones.
By using well known fairy tales, students know the characters well enough that they were able to wrap their heads around the concept of point of view.  Graphic organizers are also included to help the students take notes and then make the jump to comparing and contrasting points of view, including their own.

Below is an animated GIF (just hit play) of part of the Powerpoint I developed (the GIF does not show any animation or sound effects which are included in the powerpoint).  It shows the process I took the students through with one of the fairy tales.

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