Sunday, December 7, 2014

Math Lesson - "Add It Up!"

Math Lesson - "Add It Up!"

Janetta Hayden
2nd - 3rd Grades

Two-Digit addition has never been more fun. This is a set of 5 games for two-digit addition practice. Each game may be played individually, in pairs, or in groups. Answer keys are included for even more independence. Each game features a penguin with a different colored scarf for discrepancy. Each game has equations with and without regrouping. These games make wonderful math center activities or early finisher activities. This is a great resource for teachers, tutors, or home-school use.

There are 48 pages including answer recording sheets and answer keys.  These games can be self-checking, partner checking, or teacher checking.  

This set of adorable games is on sale right now for $6.50.  That is a savings of $4.00!  Follow the link below to purchase.  Or head to my blog (click above picture) to read more!

My students are enjoying practicing two-digit addition with these cute penguins.  They ask daily if they can practice with the pink-ones (penguins).  I am

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